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URI Templates (RFC6570) including de-substitution


URI Templates (RFC6570) in JavaScript, including de-substitution.

It is tested against the official test suite, including the extended tests.

The "de-substitution" extracts parameter values from URIs. It is also tested against the official test suite (including extended tests).


In Node:

var uriTemplates = require('uri-templates');
var template1 = uriTemplates("/date/{colour}/{shape}/");

In browser:

var template2 = new UriTemplate("/prefix/{?params*}");

Substitution using an object

// "/categories/green/round/"
var uri1 = template1.fill({colour: "green", shape: "round"});

// "/prefix/?a=A&b=B&c=C
var uri2 = template2.fillFromObject({
    params: {a: "A", b: "B", c: "C"}

Substitution using a callback

// "/categories/example_colour/example_shape/"
var uri1b = template1.fill(function (varName) {
    return "example_" + varName;

Guess variables from URI ("de-substitution")

var uri2b = "/prefix/?beep=boop&bleep=bloop";
var params = template2.fromUri(url2b);
        params: {
            beep: "boop",
            bleep: "bloop"

While templates can be ambiguous (e.g. "{var1}{var2}"), it will still produce something that reconstructs into the original URI.

It can handle all the cases in the official test suite, including the extended tests:

var template = uriTemplate("{/id*}{?fields,token}");

var values = template.fromUri("/person/albums?fields=id,name,picture&token=12345");
    id: ["person", 'albums"],
    fields: ["id", "name", "picture"],
    token: "12345"

strict option

Sometimes, you might want a more exact match, instead of a best guess. For example, this could be useful when using URI Templates for routing.

The strict option performs more checks, to see whether the URI being matched is plausible:

var template = uriTemplate("/prefix/{value}/{suffix}");

// Matches, even though "foo/bar" contains a "/" which is not allowed
var looseMatch = template.fromUri('/prefix/foo/bar/suffix');
// Does not match
var strictMatch = template.fromUri('/prefix/foo/bar/suffix', {strict: true});

Test URI

var uri2b = "/prefix/?beep=boop&bleep=bloop";
var isMatch = template2.test(url2b); // === true

This returns a boolean, and takes the same options as .fromUri().


This project is released as public-domain. Anybody can modify or re-license it for any purpose, without restriction.

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