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The default modules based resolver for Ember CLI.

Ember Resolver Build Status

This project provides the Ember resolver used by the following projects:


ember-resolver is an ember-cli addon, and should be installed with ember install:

ember install ember-resolver

Feature flags

This resolver package supports feature flags for experimental changes. Feature flag settings change how ember-resolver compiles into an ember-cli's vendor.js, so you should think of them as an application build-time option.

Feature flags are set in an application's config/environment.js:

/* eslint-env node */

module.exports = function(environment) {
  var ENV = {
    'ember-resolver': {
      features: {
    /* ... */

Note that you must restart your ember-cli server for changes to the flags to register.

In the ember-resolver codebase, you can import these flags:

import { EMBER_RESOLVER_MODULE_UNIFICATION } from 'ember-resolver/features';

Current feature flags


Ember RFC #154 describes an improved resolution strategy and filename-on-disk layout for Ember applications. To experiment with this feature it must be enabled as described above, then use the src/ directory on disk. You can generate a new app that uses this layout by using the following commands:

# Install Ember-CLI canary globally:
npm install -g ember-cli/ember-cli
# Create a new app with the module unification blueprint
ember new my-app -b ember-module-unification-blueprint

This will create an app running a module unification layout from the ember-module-unification-blueprint package. By default, this app will be correctly configured.

  • It uses the glimmer-wrapper resolver.
  • It builds an glimmer resolver config and passes it to the resolver.
  • It starts with a src/ based layout on disk.


ember-resolver is normally bumped with ember-cli releases. To install a newer version use yarn or npm. For example:

yarn upgrade ember-resolver

Migrating from bower

Before v1.0.1 ember-resolver was primarially consumed bia bower. To migrate install the addon version via yarn or npm. If you're currently using ember-resolver v0.1.x in your project, you should uninstall it:

bower uninstall ember-resolver --save

You can continue to use ember-resolver v0.1.x as a bower package, but be careful not to update it to versions greater than v1.0.

Addon Development


  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • bower install


Running Tests

  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.


As mentioned above, ember-resolver is no longer a bower package. If you're seeing a message like this:

Unable to find a suitable version for ember-resolver, please choose one:
    1) ember-resolver#~0.1.20 which resolved to 0.1.21 and is required by ember-resolver#2.0.3
    2) ember-resolver#~2.0.3 which resolved to 2.0.3 and is required by [APP_NAME]

... you probably need to update your application accordingly. See aptible/dashboard.aptible.com#423 as an example of how to update.

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