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A library for adding htmlbars to ember CLI

Ember CLI HTMLBars

Build Status

Handlebars 2.0 Support

Handlebars 2.0 support has been removed. If you are using ember-cli-htmlbars with a 1.9.x project please continue to use [email protected]

Using as a Broccoli Plugin

var HtmlbarsCompiler = require('ember-cli-htmlbars');

var templateTree = new HtmlbarsCompiler('app/templates', {
  isHTMLBars: true,

  // provide the templateCompiler that is paired with your Ember version
  templateCompiler: require('./bower_components/ember/ember-template-compiler')

Registering a Plugin

var SomeTransform = require('./some-path/transform');

module.exports = {
  name: 'my-addon-name',

  included: function() {
    // we have to wrap these in an object so the ember-cli
    // registry doesn't try to call `new` on them (new is actually
    // called within htmlbars when compiling a given template).
    this.app.registry.add('htmlbars-ast-plugin', {
      name: 'some-transform',
      plugin: SomeTransform

Precompile HTMLBars template strings within other addons

module.exports = {
  name: 'my-addon-name',

  setupPreprocessorRegistry: function(type, registry) {
    var htmlbarsPlugin = registry.load('template').find(function(plugin) {
      return plugin.name === 'ember-cli-htmlbars';

    // precompile any htmlbars template string via the precompile method on the
    // ember-cli-htmlbars plugin wrapper; `precompiled` will be a string of the
    // form:
    //   Ember.HTMLBars.template(function() {...})
    var precompiled = htmlbarsPlugin.precompile("{{my-component}}");
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