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Process styles in an ember-cli application using Autoprefixer

Autoprefixer for Ember CLI Build Status

This addon runs the styles of your Ember CLI-project through Autoprefixer.


To install, run

ember install ember-cli-autoprefixer


By default ember-cli-autoprefixer passes your projects target browsers (in Ember CLI >= 2.13.0) to autoprefixer. However, you can manually configure what browsers to target and other options by specifying them in your ember-cli-build.js (or Brocfile.js). An example:

var app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  autoprefixer: {
    browsers: ['last 2 ios version'],
    cascade: false

This would prefix styles as required by the two latest version of ios, and disable the cascade (see below).

You can disable Autoprefixer by passing in enabled: false.

Other options would also go here along with browsers, enabled and cascade.

You can read more about these settings and others over on the Autoprefixer page.


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