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Serializes any DOM node into a String


Serializes any DOM node into a String

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It's like outerHTML, but it works with:

  • DOM elements
  • Text nodes
  • Attributes
  • Comment nodes
  • Documents
  • DocumentFragments
  • Doctypes
  • NodeLists / Arrays

For custom serialization logic, a "serialize" event is dispatched on every Node which event listeners can override the default behavior on by setting the event.detail.serialize property to a String or other Node.

The "serialize" event bubbles, so it could be a good idea to utilize event delegation on a known root node that will be serialized. Check the event.serializeTarget property to check which Node is currently being serialized.


$ npm install dom-serialize


var serialize = require('dom-serialize');
var node;

// works with Text nodes
node = document.createTextNode('foo & <bar>');

// works with DOM elements
node = document.createElement('body');

// custom "serialize" event
node.firstChild.addEventListener('serialize', function (event) {
  event.detail.serialize = 'pwn';
}, false);

// you can also just pass a function in for a one-time serializer
console.log(serialize(node, function (event) {
  if (event.serializeTarget === node.firstChild) {
    // for the first child, output an ellipsis to summarize "content"
    event.detail.serialze = '…';
  } else if (event.serializeTarget !== node) {
    // any other child
foo &amp; &lt;bar&gt;
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